Smart Investment: Success from Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program

Soon after very positive findings from North Carolina’s investments in quality early care and education were highlighted in a recent blog,, Michigan is getting major attention with its Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). The program is particularly focused on at-risk children, with solid results.

An article from the Brookings Institution, High-quality, statewide preschool is possible–just look to Michigan, details Michigan’s remarkable positive progress from its investment in early education.


According to the article, “At every stage (kindergarten entry, second grade, fourth grade, middle school, high school graduation), GSRP participants outperformed comparison groups on school success indicators, most prominent being grade retention.”

It appears that the experience of GSRP shows that quality and expanded access do not have to be in conflict, since Michigan increased the number of children served along with implementing high quality standards.

Wisconsin can learn from these states and their impressive results.

Dave Edie
Early Education Policy Analyst