The Costs of Governor Walker’s Proposed Medicaid Changes

The Walker administration is seeking federal approval to make sweeping changes to BadgerCare, Wisconsin’s Medicaid program. What will those changes mean for Wisconsin? Learn more by reading “The Costs of Governor Walker’s Proposed Medicaid Changes.”        

Lead and Wisconsin’s Children

The harmful effects of lead poisoning are well-document, particularly with the news coverage surrounding Flint, Michigan. Lead poisoning harms the development of the brain and nervous system and is therefore most detrimental to children. These developmental impacts result in, among other things, reduced attention span and reading and learning disabilities. Continue reading

Five Charts on the Uninsured in Wisconsin

The uninsured rate has been dropping since the implementation of major Affordable Care Act provisions. Wisconsin has seen a significant drop, however further improvement could be realized if BadgerCare+ was expanded to adults under 138% of the federal poverty level.

Here are five charts on the uninsured in Wisconsin that use recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Continue reading