Electing Candidates for Kids this November

With just twelve days left until Election Day, we have a lot of choices to make about the future of our state, and the future of our country. We’ve listened to candidates for local and national office talk about what makes them the best person for the job, and what they will do for us, the voters. But when candidates talk about moving our state forward or making our national economy more innovative for the future, they often forget about our most vital indicator for what the future will look like—our kids.

Far too few candidates spend time talking about what they will do for kids because, after all, kids can’t vote or donate to campaigns or Super PACS. So it’s our job to advocate for kids on their behalf. We have to know what the candidates’ stances are on key issues like health care, education, and justice, and how those positions will affect families in Wisconsin.

In order for us all to be the best possible champions for our kids, we’ve prepared a series of policy infographics broken down by issue area. These graphics can serve as a cheat sheet, so you know which policies to look out for in candidate platforms and agendas in these last two weeks of the election season. You can find the infographics in the Elect Candidates for Kids section of our website.

The outcome of the elections this November will have a profound impact on all our futures, but we have to remember that our kids will be impacted the most. We’re all in this together, so in order for Wisconsin to succeed, we need to elect candidates who will put kids first and ensure there is the opportunity to thrive for every child, every family, and every community.

Chet Agni