Wisconsin Health Insurance Landscape Infographic

We've updated our infographics detailing how different groups are affected by the new health insurance landscape with the new 2016 Federal Poverty Levels (FPL). Continue reading

Increasing Economic Security for Every Wisconsin Family

To create a vibrant and economically competitive future for Wisconsin, every child, every family, and every community must be given the opportunity to thrive. In Wisconsin, there are significant racial and ethnic disparities when it comes to income and wealth. … Continue reading

Juvenile Arrests in Wisconsin

The number of arrests of people age 17 and under has dropped sharply in Wisconsin in recent years. The decrease reflects a drop in crime committed by juveniles, as well as changes in law enforcement practices. Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act In Wisconsin: Helping Families Get the Health Care They Need

The ACA played a pivotal role in decreasing the uninsured rate in Wisconsin, with great gains in rural counties and significant coverage gains for communities of color. Continue reading

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How Will the Governor’s Budget Impact Early Care and Education?

WCCF has analyzed Governor Walker’s key budget proposals for early care, described in a two-page summary HERE  Below are some highlights: Increase in the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy budget The proposed child care subsidy budget includes an increase from … Continue reading

Nobel Laureate Heckman and J.B. Pritzker: Combination of Quality Child Care and PreK is Powerful

Nobel Laureate Economist James Heckman and venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker agree that solid gains come when quality child care is linked to quality preschool, according to a post from the University of Chicago, Combining Quality Child Care and Preschool.

Smart Investment: Success from Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program

Soon after very positive findings from North Carolina’s investments in quality early care and education were highlighted in a recent blog, http://www.wccf.org/north-carolina-early-childhood-investment-pays-off/, Michigan is getting major attention with its Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). The program is particularly focused on … Continue reading

What does the future hold for justice reform?

Predicting how the new administration under President Trump will view criminal and juvenile justice reform is risky, but concerns about a return to a “law and order” perspective are legitimate.  Based on comments President Trump made during the campaign, his … Continue reading

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WCCF Announces Scholarship Winners

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families is excited to announce that Evelyn Cuellar of Madison West High School, Elijah Holmes of Madison East High School, Karla Garcia of Spencer High School, and CeCe Brown of Oshkosh West High School … Continue reading

Step Forward for Kids on September 21, 2016

For 135 years the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families has been working hard to move children and families forward-whether that meant fighting tuberculosis in the 1890’s, helping families access mental health services in the 1950’s, or advocating for fair … Continue reading

Race to Equity Scholarship Announcement

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and Race to Equity are pleased to announce the availability of four “Race to Equity” scholarships for spring 2017 high school graduates who plan to enroll in secondary education or vocational training. One $1000 and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two Dane County high school graduates. One $1000 and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two high school graduates outside of Dane County and within the state of Wisconsin. Continue reading

Celebrate with the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

We are celebrating you and everything you do to support the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. Over the years, you have helped improve the lives of every child in our state. Now we want to say “Thanks!” Thursday, April … Continue reading