Over 180,000 Wisconsinites at Risk of Losing Health Coverage in King v Burwell

A new report examines the potential impact of the impending U.S. Supreme Court ruling on King vs Burwell, a ruling that will determine whether people can continue to get federal tax credits for health care coverage purchased through the federal … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Take the Federal Funds to Improve BadgerCare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides funding for states to expand health insurance coverage for low-income adults who have income below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL). That part of the ACA gave Wisconsin a great opportunity to close a very large gap in BadgerCare – coverage for “childless adults” (adults who aren’t custodial parents of a dependent child). Continue reading

Returning 17-Year-Olds to the Juvenile Justice System: Reducing Crime and Saving Money

Objective: To return jurisdiction over first-time, non-violent 17-year-old offenders to the juvenile court, making our communities safer and resulting in substantial savings from reduced costs of law enforcement, court processing, and losses to victims. Background: With the adoption of the … Continue reading

Wisconsin’s Uninsured Rates: New Data Underscore the Importance of Preserving the Affordable Care Act

A new WCCF analysis of the recent National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) data and how the data regarding the uninsured underscores the importance of preserving the Affordable Care Act. Read more here

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New Research on How Reading to Young Children Affects Brain Development

A New York Times blog, Bedtime Stories for Young Brains, provides a fascinating discussion of how reading to young children affects their development. We know reading to children from the start is good for children, but the new research explains … Continue reading

Food Stamp Photo ID Plan is Costly and Impractical

Imagine if the state issued just one driver’s license per family and continued to prohibit people from driving without a state-issued driver’s license. Needless to say, state lawmakers wouldn’t subject themselves and their families to that sort of extremely problematic … Continue reading

Working Parents Struggle With Child Care: Affordability, Quality, and Work Flexibility

A Washington Post business page article, The surprising number of parents scaling back at work to care for kids, examines parents’ struggle with child care and work. According to the article, “While it has long been clear that finding affordable, … Continue reading

Very Good News this Week on Access to Insurance

Three different documents released this week – using different data sources – shed light on the dramatic improvements in access to health insurance that have occurred under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including continued improvements in the first half of … Continue reading

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Annie E. Casey Releases the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has just released the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book for 2015 showing that Wisconsin’s children – that is some, but not all – of Wisconsin’s children are doing fairly well on measure of child well-being.  … Continue reading

Race to Equity Scholarship

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and the Race to Equity Project are pleased to announce the availability of two “Race to Equity” scholarships. One $1000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two students graduating from … Continue reading

Alleviating Poverty: Who’s Responsible?

In partnership with the Wisconsin Council of Churches, WISDOM, and the Citizen Action Education Fund, we will be hosting a series of poverty forums to discuss the scope and shape of poverty in Wisconsin and the role of the religious … Continue reading

March 25: An Evening with the Race to Equity Team

Come to the American Family DreamBank to meet the members of the Race to Equity Project and get an update on what they’re working on and how they are moving forward to address racial disparities in Dane County. While at … Continue reading