The New Health Insurance Landscape Infographic

As the new Marketplace Open Enrollment begins here’s an updated version of our infographic detailing how different groups are affected by the new health insurance landscape. Continue reading

Poverty in Wisconsin Infographic

Every person in Wisconsin deserves a chance to climb the economic ladder. But too many in Wisconsin are still trapped in poverty, years after the recession has ended. By making sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, we can … Continue reading

Report: New Census Data Won’t Fully Reflect Health Insurance Gains

In a preview to the new Census Bureau data on health insurance set to be released this week, WCCF has prepared a new report outlining areas in which the new 2014 American Community Survey (ACS) data will shed light on … Continue reading

Over 180,000 Wisconsinites at Risk of Losing Health Coverage in King v Burwell

A new report examines the potential impact of the impending U.S. Supreme Court ruling on King vs Burwell, a ruling that will determine whether people can continue to get federal tax credits for health care coverage purchased through the federal … Continue reading

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WI is Falling Behind Neighboring States in Covering Kids

Wisconsin’s leadership in providing access to health insurance has been gradually slipping, and the latest Census Bureau data on coverage of children illustrates a continuation of that trend. Although Wisconsin continues to have one of the lower uninsured rates in … Continue reading

Research Shows High-Quality Early Care and Education Resulted in Healthier Adults

Economist James Heckman and several colleagues determined that people who had received high-quality early care and education in the 1970s were far healthier thirty years later. 

Many Wisconsinites are Struggling but Challenges are Felt More Heavily in Communities of Color

Greater Opportunity for Wisconsinites Would Help Level the Playing Field With far too many Wisconsinites struggling to make ends meet, it is clear that communities of color are facing this challenge most acutely. New Census data released last week highlights … Continue reading

Number of Children in Poverty in Wisconsin Stays High

The number of Wisconsin children living in poverty has risen dramatically since the recession and stayed high, according to recent numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Labor Day Musings: How are our families doing? How does the U.S. measure up?

Labor Day celebrates contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. The holiday makes me think about the hard-working families with young children in Wisconsin and across the country struggling to make ends meet … Continue reading

Annie E. Casey Releases the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has just released the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book for 2015 showing that Wisconsin’s children – that is some, but not all – of Wisconsin’s children are doing fairly well on measure of child well-being.  … Continue reading

Race to Equity Scholarship

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and the Race to Equity Project are pleased to announce the availability of two “Race to Equity” scholarships. One $1000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two students graduating from … Continue reading

Alleviating Poverty: Who’s Responsible?

In partnership with the Wisconsin Council of Churches, WISDOM, and the Citizen Action Education Fund, we will be hosting a series of poverty forums to discuss the scope and shape of poverty in Wisconsin and the role of the religious … Continue reading