Health Care for Kids: How Wisconsin Lost and Could Regain Its National Prominence

For most of the last 20 years, Wisconsin has been a national leader in the percentage of children with health insurance. Unfortunately, that leadership has slipped in recent years, and Wisconsin is no longer among the best states when it comes to ensuring that children have access to quality, cost-effective health care Continue reading

2016 KIDS COUNT® Data Book

Wisconsin ranks number 13 in overall child well-being in the latest KIDS COUNT® Data Book released today by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. While the ranking indicates that Wisconsin’s children are faring better than 37 other states, it’s critical to … Continue reading

Wraparound’s Recipe for Success

What makes wraparound and other systems of care approaches different than traditional service delivery systems?  What makes them both a challenge to implement in traditional bureaucracies?  WCCF’s, Wraparounds Recipe for Success,  highlights some of the lesser discussed system reforms and … Continue reading

Closing Gaps in Native American Health

Communities of color often face greater health challenges that lead to larger health disparities between them and their white peers. This is especially true for the Native American community. Continue reading

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New Study on Wisconsin’s Child Care Workforce: Tension between Demand for Well-Educated Teachers and Very Low Pay

A new study on Wisconsin’s child care workforce shows that child care workers continue to face low pay, weak benefits, and high turnover. The painful truth is that there has been very little progress since 1997. The Capital Times ran … Continue reading

Insuring Already-eligible Kids Is Critical for Improving the Health of WI Children

Wisconsin is no longer the leader it once was in getting children insured. A new WCCF report examines how Wisconsin lost its national prominence in insuring children and how our state could regain its leadership in that important area. Census … Continue reading

Child Care Market Survey Shows Payment Rates Disturbingly Low

It is no secret that the payment rates for the Wisconsin Shares (WI Shares) child care subsidy program have been on a steep decline for many years. Where are we now, and how did we get there? A recent child … Continue reading

2016 KIDS COUNT® Most Wisconsin Children Doing Pretty Well – Some, not so much

According to information in the latest KIDS COUNT® Data Book released today by the Annie E. Casey Foundation Wisconsin children rank 13th overall on critical measures of child well-being.  Strengths in education and some economic indicators mean that in comparison … Continue reading

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Race to Equity Scholarship Announcement

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and Race to Equity are pleased to announce the availability of four “Race to Equity” scholarships for spring 2017 high school graduates who plan to enroll in secondary education or vocational training. One $1000 and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two Dane County high school graduates. One $1000 and one $500 scholarship will be awarded to two high school graduates outside of Dane County and within the state of Wisconsin. Continue reading

Celebrate with the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

We are celebrating you and everything you do to support the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. Over the years, you have helped improve the lives of every child in our state. Now we want to say “Thanks!” Thursday, April … Continue reading

The Big Share

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2016! That’s the date of the Big Share, Dane County’s day of on-line giving. Last year, WCCF participated in the Big Share for the first time, and supporters raised thousands of dollars during the … Continue reading

Labor Day Musings: How are our families doing? How does the U.S. measure up?

Labor Day celebrates contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. The holiday makes me think about the hard-working families with young children in Wisconsin and across the country struggling to make ends meet … Continue reading